Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you update goals?

How many goals should you have?

Who should use StrAlign?

Would you like to:

  • Cut the time you spend prioritizing project work in half?

  • Double your confidence that your team is focused on the highest impact projects?

  • Improve team buy-in and commitment to the strategic goals of your organization?

All of the Above?!

StrAlign is for you! We are transforming the way organizations identify and commit to projects, eliminating project failure, and helping teams align their projects to the strategic goals of their organization for better results!

Best practice is to set 5 - 7 organization or department goals.

StrAlign is built to allow for flexible and dynamic prioritization. We understand that businesses often have to pivot due to market conditions, which is why StrAlign allows for changing and updating the goals at a frequency that works for your business. For example, this could be monthly or quarterly depending on your organization's size and age. 

Who should vote on projects?

We recommend having the subject matter experts as voters. For example, if you are using StrAlign organization wide, typically department heads and managers will vote on the projects. If you are using StrAlign within a department, individual contributors will support voting. 

Can I filter and only see the results based on a specific goal?

Yes! StrAlign has the capability to filter on several factors including goals, department, budget, and size.

Who should use StrAlign?

StrAlign is designed for businesses that are looking for an effective, easy-to-use prioritization

Does StrAlign integrate with my project management software?

At this time, StrAlign can integrate with your project management intake process but does not integrate with other project management software.


If you have a request for a specific integration - fill out our contact form and we are happy to evaluate.