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Ideate, Prioritize, and Align.

StrAlign is a revolutionary strategic decision making software, helping organizations bridge the gap between strategic goals, idea evaluation, and project prioritization.

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StrAlign captures individual input on how potential projects will impact the identified goals of the organization. Built on a proprietary algorithm, StrAlign gives leaders the ability to compare scenarios based on different goal weightings and configurations to see how priorities may shift.

Drive strategic alignment and unlock innovation with dynamic prioritization

Determine which investments will have the greatest organizational return.

Data driven scenario planning for accurate prioritization.

Decrease team angst and frustration from lack of visibility around strategic goal shifts.

Overcome cognitive biases with easy to use gamification flows.



Leverage your team's insights

Individuals compare ideas and projects against each other in relative terms for a more accurate impact analysis. Cut down on expensive meetings with loudest personalities driving direction.

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Encourage ideas, reduce duplicates, and identify synergies.

Empower your team to contribute new ideas and nurture their innovative energy.  With only 350 characters allowed for an initial idea post, can team members make a strong case and align their teammates behind their vision? As ideas gain traction they are promoted to opportunities and new fields are unlocked to elaborate on the business case.

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Keep goals front and center.

Projects are most successful when they are clearly aligned with an organization's strategic goals.  With StrAlign, employees are more aware of how strategic goals evolve and impact project priority. Employees can feel confident they are sharing their expertise and input how specific projects contribute to the strategic goals of the organization.


Dynamic prioritization that evolves with constantly changing business environments.

When priorities change, it impacts the goals, timelines, and resources allocated to specific projects and tasks. Understanding why and how organizational priorities shift provides the context necessary to keep teams motivated and aligned.

How It Works
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A Quantitative approach.

StrAlign democratizes input from the organization, enabling less bias in decision making and more accurate prioritization over consensus-driven meeting heavy decision making. The lightweight and gamified rating process leads to significant participation across the employee base, aligning teams and unlocking unique insights.


Dynamic Data Driven Decision Making.

Organizational leaders and decision makers can easily change the relative weight of different goals based on what's important right now and see how priorities need to shift, making sure that the organization's resources and budget are going where the organizational strategy needs them to to maximize value and drive results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Move away from black box decision making, and embrace data informed, dynamic prioritization.

Take the first step to improving commitment to strategic goals.

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