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Data Driven Project Prioritization

StrAlign is a strategic planning software, helping teams capture and vote on innovative ideas, track goals and objectives, and prioritize the projects and investments that will have the most positive impact on the organization.

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StrAlign is a cloud-based software (SaaS) that enables individuals to add ideas and vote on how they will impact organizational goals.  Built on a proprietary algorithm and integrated with industry leading project management and work management platforms like Smartsheet and Microsoft, StrAlign provides leaders the the critical insights needed to choose the best projects to invest limited budgets and resources on. 

Drive strategic alignment and unlock innovation with dynamic prioritization

Determine which investments will have the greatest organizational return.

Data driven scenario planning for accurate prioritization.

Decrease team angst and frustration from lack of visibility around strategic goal shifts.

Overcome cognitive biases with easy to use gamification flows.



Leverage your team's insights

Individuals compare ideas and projects against each other in relative terms for a more accurate impact analysis. Cut down on expensive meetings with loudest personalities driving direction.

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Encourage ideas, reduce duplicates, and identify synergies.

Empower your team to contribute new ideas and nurture their innovative energy.  With only 350 characters allowed for an initial idea post, can team members make a strong case and align their teammates behind their vision? As ideas gain traction they are promoted to opportunities and new fields are unlocked to elaborate on the business case.



Keep goals front and center.

Projects are most successful when they are clearly aligned with an organization's strategic goals.  With StrAlign, employees are more aware of how strategic goals evolve and impact project priority. Employees can feel confident they are sharing their expertise and input how specific projects contribute to the strategic goals of the organization.


Dynamic prioritization that evolves with constantly changing business environments.

When priorities change, it impacts the goals, timelines, and resources allocated to specific projects and tasks. Understanding why and how organizational priorities shift provides the context necessary to keep teams motivated and aligned.

How It Works


A Quantitative approach.

StrAlign democratizes input from the organization, enabling less bias in decision making and more accurate prioritization over consensus-driven meeting heavy decision making. The lightweight and gamified rating process leads to significant participation across the employee base, aligning teams and unlocking unique insights.


Dynamic Data Driven Decision Making.

Organizational leaders and decision makers can easily change the relative weight of different goals based on what's important right now and see how priorities need to shift, making sure that the organization's resources and budget are going where the organizational strategy needs them to to maximize value and drive results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should use StrAlign?
    Would you like to: Cut the time you spend prioritizing project work in half? Double your confidence that your team is focused on the highest impact projects? Improve team buy-in and commitment to the strategic goals of your organization? ​ All of the Above?! ​ StrAlign is for you! We are transforming the way organizations identify and commit to projects, eliminating project failure, and helping teams align their projects to the strategic goals of their organization for better results!
  • Are all users treated the same?
    Organizations will have the ability to configure roles that will impact the features and rating capability of user input. These roles will work with the proprietary StrAlign dynamic decision making algorithm to help ensure accurate priority rankings.
  • How do project ideas become prioritized?
    StrAlign works on an algorithm based on asynchronous individual inputs vs. consensus driven, meetings and loudest personalities driving direction. This quantitative method behind individual decisions drives more accurate prioritization over consensus-driven decision making. As ratings are collected, and the overall score becomes higher within a period of time, an idea turns into an opportunity. Opportunities are then expanded with additional details about the problem, proposed solution, assumptions and risks, budget estimates, etc, and continue the rating process until achieving a rating high enough to become a project.
  • Does StrAlign integrate with my project management / PPM software?
    StrAlign is available as a stand alone SaaS application, or integrated with leading work management platforms including Smartsheet, Microsoft 365, and more. API driven, the StrAlign platform will continue to build out supported integrations as well as allow for custom integrations. Reach out for more details on how to integrate with StrAlign and feed your PPM / PMO pipeline and product roadmaps with dynamically prioritized ideas, requests, and opportunities.
  • What do executives get from StrAlign?
    Senior leaders and decision makers benefit from less meeting time, broader and more nuanced input, easy and data driven scenario planning, and less bias towards the loudest and highest paid voices in the room. Tighter alignment of employees to organization goals and objectives enabling faster pivots as business changes. Summarized views of prioritization keeps team focused on the highest impact work.
  • How many goals should you have?
    Strategic planning best practice is to set 4 - 8 organization wide goals. There is no current limit for the number of goals or ideas you can prioritize with StrAlign.
  • Can I filter and only see the results based on a specific goal?
    Yes! StrAlign has the capability to filter on several factors including goals, department, budget, and size.
  • How often should you update goals?
    StrAlign is built to allow for flexible and dynamic prioritization. We understand that businesses often have to pivot due to market conditions, which is why StrAlign makes it easy to add new goals or change the weight of existing goals, and see how projects, budgets, and resources may need to shift. Many organizations undergo a more intensive annual planning exercise at least once a year for fiscal year budgeting. Many product led organizations plan incrementally, more frequently. Successful Project Management Organizations, often have an intake and prioritization process for a governance team that is at least a monthly cadence. Most people make thousands of micro-decisions every. StrAlign is designed to support the constantly evolving nature of business today, while ensuring that there is adequate data collected in order to drive accurate prioritization. StrAlign supports teams with whichever frequency meets the needs and culture of their organization.
  • What do team members get from StrAlign?
    Team members get the ability to submit ideas and projects that help with organization objectives. Team members will be able to see the highest priority projects to stay aligned to organization initiatives. They also have the ability to provide ratings input to ideas.
  • How does StrAlign keep team members engaged?
    StrAlign provides gamification of strategic alignment to create extra incentive for user engagement through profile ranking and badges. These features not only keep users engaged, but they promote insight into employee engagement up to organization executives.
  • Who should vote on projects?
    We recommend having the subject matter experts as voters. For example, if you are using StrAlign organization wide, typically department heads and managers will vote on the projects. If you are using StrAlign within a department, individual contributors will support voting.

Move away from black box decision making, and embrace data informed, dynamic prioritization.

Take the first step to improving commitment to strategic goals.

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